LOVE MEI Case for SAMSUNG S5 Water/Dirt/Shock Proof Metal Case




Samsung S5  Water/Dirt/Shock Proof Metal Case “LOVE MEI” LOVE MEI Small Waist Upgrade Defender Version Free Strap included.

  • Protect your device with this Shock Proof, Dust Proof Case, quality built to last and provide the ultimate protection to your device.
  • Shockproof Metal Case will withstand impact shock through the 9mm Silicone Impact Truss design when dropped.
  • The high impact bezels and Gorilla Glass offers an additional layer of impact protection in the same way a helmet is designed.
  • Internally drop tested form as high as 10 ft. Corning Gorilla Glass on the metal case maintains excellent touch screen sensitivity and accuracy response and the vast majority of the metal case users notice no difference at all.
  • Depending on your Bluetooth device, the aluminum bezel causes some signal degradation.
  • Rain or a little water on surface, cannot drop in the water or diving.
  • Colors Available: RED, Yellow, White, Bronze, Silver

Shipped from the USA


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Silver, Bronze, White, Red, Gold, Black


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