Screen Ward Clear Screen Protector For Samsung S5 , 3X layered .24mm thick


Screen Ward Screen Protectors are manufactured by a company that has been making screen protectors for over 10 years.

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Screen Ward Screen Protector For Samsung S5


  1. High definition and nature color
    Imported high-tech materials with strong transmission of light, the product enables you to have the HD experience with nature color. Welcome to HD world.
  2. Slow done the impact ,Anti-broken
    High-end silicone resin film laminating providing perfect protection to phone.
  3. Waterproof and oil pollution function
    Waterproof and anti- oil pollution function, mobile screen could easily get liquid which could get dirty even with wiping. The waterproof and anti-oil pollution function can divide mobile with oil, dirty or water.
  4. Auto-exhaust
    Auto-exhaust, easy to paste when pad pasting
  5. High definition and nature color without any error
    High optical transmittance, full light transmittance of more than 97% which the transparency of liquid crystal screen.

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